12 June 2009


It began so innocently, just wanting to touch the water.

Sleeves got wet, so the jacket came off. Splashing continued.

Then the sandals came off.

Before we knew it, she was in.

She seemed to be enjoying herself, so we let her play.

One soggy kid and a change of clothes later, no one would know how much fun a toddler had just had in the CalTech Gene Pool.


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

You have the cutest family!! Lovin all the pictures, especially the water lily ones. Now I need a pond.

matt said...

Yep. It always starts with, "Daddy, can I just get my fingers wet?" Usually finishes with a soaking wet, happy child.

Liv said...

Those are fabulous pics. She looks so happy! You can't help but grin looking at that face!