20 October 2008

They said it better

I watched and listened to (and re-watched on Youtube) the final presidential debate last week. I am still furious with McCain about the air quotes he put on a mother's "health" and how dismissive he was of female reproductive health, choice and freedoms. Here's a link to the clip on Youtube - the air quotes are close to the end. Two women explained their frustration with this same issue much more eloquently than I can; see what they said HERE and HERE. I implore you, think about the health and futures of our sisters, daughters, nieces and granddaughters. Then go vote.


Daktari said...

Thanks. Those links were fantastic. You know, I haven't made much use of my uterus, but I was just as infuriated by his insistence that any woman would, you know, just lay around the house thinking, "Oh, I'll just go get that abortion the week before the baby's due...there's plenty of time". What the hell is he thinking?

The man is a neanderthal. Six months ago, I said that I wouldn't be all that upset if he got elected.

The man made me eat my words.

Knotty Britta said...

I have more frustration in my life than I need so I didn't look at the links, but thanks for posting. Just so you know, today I cast my vote on my mail in ballot for......Obama! Thought you'd want to know ;)

Matt said...

The Ol' Maverick continually amazes me that he can, time after time, shoot himself and his party in the foot. By now, they must be close to running out of ammunition.
I already voted last week, and now we just have to wait until results night.
Obama Celebration party at your place Nov. 4?