31 October 2008

Goings on

1. Earlier this week Doodle asked me to write her name. I asked her what letter came first. She told me. I asked her what was next. Again, she new. This continued, and she was able to spell out her name for me! I'm beginning to think our little 22-month-old is a bit precocious!

2. I come from a stock of sturdy women. My 82 year old grandma is doing well after having surgery on one carotid artery followed by a frickin' triple-bypass in the same week two weeks ago. AND she is no longer smoking (keeping fingers crossed that it will last) after smoking for 70 years. Proof that she's back to herself? She was telling off the nurses in the hospital and being sassy with everyone. She has also started telling people that she just up and quit smoking cold turkey a month before her surgery (which is total bull. But that's grandma - she stretches the truth a bit).

3. More Doodle news: she's on a naked-butt kick. She doesn't want to wear diapers, so we let her run around naked. So far she has only accidentally peed on the floor twice - the rest of the time she has told us she needs to go potty, or just sat herself down on her little potty and gone. Wait, does this mean we've entered the land of potty-learning?


Ryan O'Donnell said...

I don't think my "naked-butt kick" ever ended.

Knotty Britta said...

Oh I just wish it was that easy for us when we potty trained!

I cannot believe she can spell her name! Taiten can't do that yet and he's 4!