09 May 2008

Doodle vs. pavement

I knew it was bound to happen. With increased outside time and a speedy toddler, we were destined to have more scrapes, bumps and bruises. But yesterday was rough.

Incident #1: the head. We were making the rounds of the neighborhood with neighbor L, K-So the dog, and little neighbor A. A loves his "pop-pop", one of those Fisher Price push toys that has little balls inside and pops them up as you push it. Miss Doodle also loves the pop-pop, but doesn't get to play with it much. Well, partway down the sidewalk A takes off, leaving his pop-pop behind. Doodle, missing no opportunity, grabs the pop-pop and takes off running the other direction, pulling it behind her. She seemed hellbent on enjoying the toy while she could, and was absconding with it as fast as possible. Until she tried to look behind her. While running. Down went the Doodle, and hit her head on the pavement. Inconsolable crying until we relinquished the pop-pop and went inside to cuddle. The end result: a scrape/bruise combination on the side of her head, just above and to the side of her eyebrow. Pavement 1, Doodle 0.

Incident #2: the finger. I was helping a friend with pollination work, so Doodle was home with J. They were weeding, and she took off with the dandelion weeder. Tripped on the concrete, landing with her weight on her hand and her hand closed around the handle of the weeder. Skidded some. The end result: she scraped through her fingernail in one spot, resulting in a gnarly looking sore spot mid-nail. Pavement 2, Doodle 0.

All this after a pretty skinned up knee last weekend that she still points at and says "Ooouuuuww" with a sucking-in sound at the end and little pursed lips. Thankfully she mostly regards her owies with curiosity rather than drama. I'm so glad she's sturdy.

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Matt said...

Oh my goodness, the poor little one. Glad that she's made of sturdy stuff.