30 March 2008


Miss Doodle is sick. She had a fever Friday & Saturday, plus some unpleasantness from either end around midnight last night. She seems to be feeling a little better this morning but is still really tired and needy. *sigh* My poor Doodlebug.


Amy said...

I hope she is doing better. There is nothing worse than a sick child. Okay, I change that, there is something worse, a sick husband!! Even when a child can't tell you what's going on, you usually know your child well enough to take the steps to help them, with a husband, you can make suggestions ALL DAY long, but you still have to listen to them WHINE about how sick they are, YIKES!!!

Mama bee said...

Thanks, Amy. She is feeling a lot better, though she's still really clingy. At least we haven't had to change the sheets at 3 am the past couple of nights.