05 March 2008

...and so it begins

It's official. I've joined the land of the bloggers. I will make no predictions on how reliably I will blog, or how this slice of my life will evolve. Let's just take it as it goes, shall we?


Ryan O'Donnell said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Laura said...

Hey mama bee.

Visiting your blog here from mine over there.

A pollination biologist...OK. How worried should we all be about BCC disorder? What flowers should we be growing here in Illinois?

What about the bats now? WTF is going on?!


P.S. Your babe is cute and your husband is too! Don't you love when they read?

Mama bee said...

Hey Laura. Thanks for stopping by.

I personally am pretty concerned about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). The main things we can do to try and help the bees, as far as I know, are:
1) avoid spraying insecticides whenever possible.
2) plant native plants or, if not available
3) plant non-Genetically Modified plants.
This will provide healthy pollen and nectar resources to the bees, which may help them out a little bit. For native Illinois plants, take a look at the Illinois Native Plant Society page: http://www.ill-inps.org/index.htm
They have some good resources and contact info for nurseries and groups across the state.

As for the bats, I really don't know. I'm not sure if anyone does at this point. A good source of bat info is Bat Conservation International: http://www.batcon.org/home/default.asp.

Wish I knew more...I think we all do.