23 August 2011

Busy exploring

My lack of blogging is not due to lack of material. Rather, we've just been too busy soaking up summer with outings and adventures to sit down and type about it.

Here are some photos from our adventure last week at Poe Valley State Park.

Roo & Doodle on the nature trail. A one-mile loop, we spent three hours(!) hiking it at an observant child's pace (read: very slowly), soaking up all that there was to see and experience.

The view of the stream. Here we discovered two different salamanders, watched water striders, threw rocks and sand and sticks, and thought deep thoughts about streams and clouds and their connectedness.

Bee petting, yet again. This little bumblebee worker was licking salt from our fingers, and Doodle was eager to oblige.

...not that I have any idea where she gets her fondness for bees.


Debi said...

This place looks dreamy for kids. But the bees ... not sold on that yet! Glad your kiddo is fearless :-)

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

You're bee charmers, both! Would you say there is more flora/fauna to discover there than this neck of the woods?

Mama bee said...

Debi: it helps that I've studied bees, so I know how to safely handle them and am teaching my kids those skills (plus how to know which ones are males, because males can't sting!).

Mama bee said...

Sally: I'd say there's more floral diversity, especially with all the different species of hardwoods out here. Fungal diversity too. Animals, maybe. The bee diversity is lower than in Utah, but that's because bee diversity is highest in deserts. There are definitely more large insects out here than out west, and the moths seem bigger and more charismatic. It's different, and we're enjoying that.