11 October 2009

He's here!

Tyler Jesse was born on Thursday, 8 Oct. at 6:25am. He's 7lbs and 20 inches long. Labor was less than 3 hours long. Our midwife, Melissa, was here for 8 minutes before Tyler was born into his Papa's hands. We're all doing great.

I'll post the full birth story plus cute photos of my little harvest baby soon.


Daktari said...

Yay!!!! He's here! We've been at the systematics symposium in St Louis all weekend, so we just heard! Welcome, Tyler. Can't wait to meet him!

Kim said...

Oh I am SO excited for you!!!! He is adorable, and yes he looks JUST LIKE Doodle. Congrats Mama. Enjoy your babymoon!!

matt said...

He looks like a perfect hybrid of both of you: both lovely and handsome.